Soldiers speak out about the war

“With unprecedented access to Britain’s armed forces, this series “Fighting on the Frontline” allows troops to reveal the inside story of what it’s really like fighting on a tour of duty in Afghanistan today”.

For over a decade the soldiers in Afghanistan have kept their views about the war to themselves, but now they speak out about their experiences on the front line. Three, one hour long episodes of a documentary called “Fighting on the Frontline”, shows in graphic detail some of the UN’s missions in Afghanistan, and follows the troops on these missions. It’s based on the experiences of a few of Britain’s fighting men, often nicknamed bullet-catchers and their feelings on why and what they are fighting for. It also focuses on the fears of each soldier, which is not just dying, but the fears of the IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). This is not the first documentary on the war, (Ross Kemp: In Afghanistan) but it is the first based on the feeling’s of the soldiers on the front line.

What are your views about what these brave men and women are going through!!