Drills and Thrills – Manufacturing Industry on the Rise

Article courtesy of The Sun Online – http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/money/bestofbritish/4112993/Drills-n-thrill-for-Julie-White.html

“A woman who bought her family’s engineering firm at the height of the crunch claims the UK economy is on the up.

Julie White, 44, runs D-DRILL, a Coventry-based diamond drilling group specialising in cutting and sawing through concrete.

Since taking over in 2008 she has bagged work in the House of Commons, London’s Shard building, and Moscow.

Backing our Best of British campaign to showcase UK success, Julie said: “I think we are coming out of recession.

“Turnover fell about 40 per cent in 2008 but it’s coming back and more companies want to do more with us. There’s too much doom and gloom around.”

In response Paul Lewis of Forces Recruitment Services East Brimingham comments: “It just goes to show that not all is lost for manufacturing industries and companies who have more of a traditional trade than digital IT or online. We have candidates sign up with us on a daily basis, looking for employment in these traditional industries. Individuals who are ex-forces members who have served a minimum of 6-22 years service, are well structured in their approach to work, reliable and loyal. Contact us today if you have any requirements for staff in manufacturing or engineering roles.”

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