Catterick Event – Thursday, 29th March 2012

BFRS’ fifth event is taking place this Thursday, on 29th March 2012, at Catterick Leisure Centre, Gough Road, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL9 3EL.  Register now for your free place.  Hundreds of attendees have already pre-registered and our “What Employers are looking for?” workshop is fully booked. To prepare for the event please download the exhibition floor plan here.

The event helps past, present and future Service leavers and their families find employment, opportunities to start their own business, training and a wide range of support to help their transition to civilian life.

The team from Civvy Street Magazine will be at the event handing out April’s edition hot off the press.

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New Website Launch

At the end of March the FRS head office will be launching a new and improved website, this will include new and old information retaining to the company and the services that it offers.

A lot of the features that are already on the website, will still be there but more information will be added, showing more detail for each of the regions that the company covers. The website will also hold information about how Ex-Military personnel can get in touch with the regional directors of each area.

And that’s not the best part, there will also be new and improved graphics put on the website to try and drawn a lot more traffic and awareness to the company.

So check it out at the end of the month and see our brand new make over.

Forces Recruitment Services Shortlisted for National Recruitment Award

Forces Recruitment Services, the UK’s leading and longest established specialist ex-military recruiter based in Ely, has been shortlisted by industry experts at the Recruiter awards, the industry’s trade magazine. Hundreds of Recruitment Consultancies enter the awards every year and this is the first time Forces Recruitment Services has been shortlisted. The category FRS has been shortlisted in is for the Best Candidate Experience, which recognised FRS’ outstanding customer service towards their candidates and the support and mentoring they give them to secure them employment post service.

FRS Managing Director Graham Brown, said “This is particularly special because we have been shortlisted by our industry peers and it’s down to the hard work of our team in building an outstanding customer service attitude towards our candidates, which has now been recognised nationally”.

Brown went on to say “Often we place candidates with no trade. They may have served their country for 22 years and have seen several operational tours but they are infantrymen so they find it particularly challenging finding work when they leave.  The work we do on profiling these candidates helps them to recognise the transferable  skills they have that are sought after by employers – good organisational skills, well disciplined, good managers and leaders and an exceptional “can do” attitude. Finding the right job for candidates who don’t know what to do when they leave is very rewarding and at the core of why I set this business up”.

This new comes off the back of a recruitment drive instigated to help and support ex-Servicemen and women through the MoD’s current redundancy phase – 4,200 job cuts in a second round of Armed Forces redundancies as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

The Awards Ceremony will be held at The Grosvenor House Hotel I London on Wednesday 2 May 2012.

10th Anniversary of FRS

On the 9th January this year it was the 10th anniversary of FRS. One on the UK’s most leading Forces Recruitment agency celebrates its tenth year, after it was created in 2002. They have over 10 years’ experience in helping to resettle Forces leavers.

They know when people are leaving, where they want to resettle and where to find them. Trust FRS and they will help you to find the right person for the right job!

The company is run by ex-forces personnel; therefore they understand how the resettlement process works and what trade skills and qualifications forces personnel leave with. This will allow the company to match a detailed brief to the staff you are looking to recruit

Their candidate database covers a large percentage of service leavers ready to leave in the next twelve months and those who have already left, so that they can provide both long term and short term recruitment solutions. Their database also comprises over 500 specialist fields, therefore helping you to recruit people for specialist jobs. Their service has been proven to save organisations wishing to recruit ex-military personnel considerable sums of money through not having to resort to using high street agencies and print advertising.

Dumb Things People Have Said During Job Interviews

“We’ve all experienced it. That sinking feeling that occurs when the job interview, that was going so well suddenly goes off track. Maybe it’s the expression on the hiring manager’s face, or the awkward pause that ensues, but there is little doubt when it happens.

Common interview mistakes, of course, include bad mouthing your former employer, failing to adequately research the company or the position and just plain talking too much., a job posting site, publishes an annual list of interview blunders, including asking the hiring manager for a ride home or flushing the toilet during a phone interview.”

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BFBS – British Forces Broadcasting Services

The Services Sound and Vision Corporation is a registered charity set up to entertain and inform Britain’s Armed Forces around the world. Its mission: To be the preferred provider of entertainment and information to Service personnel and their families worldwide.

Our work makes a considerable contribution to the maintenance of the efficiency and morale of the three Services. Our activities are carried out directly for the Ministry of Defence. Any profits are donated towards Forces’ welfare. The activities carried out by SSVC are:

  • BFBS Radio
  • BFBS Television
  • Combined Services Entertainment
  • SSVC Retail
  • SSVC Forces Cinemas
  • British Defence Film Library

RAF Structure: Part 4


A flying squadron is an aircraft unit which carries out the primary tasks of the RAF. RAF squadrons are somewhat analogous to the regiments of the British Army in that they have histories and traditions going back to their formation, regardless of where they are based, which aircraft they are operating, etc. They can be awarded standards and battle honors for meritorious service. Whilst every squadron is different, most flying squadrons are commanded by a wing commander and, for a fast-jet squadron, have an establishment of around 100 personnel and 12 aircraft.

The term squadron can be used to refer to a sub-unit of an administrative wing or small RAF station, e.g. Air Traffic Control Squadron, Personnel Management Squadron etc. There are also Ground Support Squadrons, e.g. No 2 (Mechanical Transport) Squadron which is located at RAF Wittering. Administrative squadrons are normally commanded by a squadron leader.


A flight is a sub-division of a squadron. Flying squadrons are often divided into two flights, e.g. “A” and “B”, each under the command of a squadron leader. Administrative squadrons on a station are also divided into flights and these flights are commanded by a junior officer, often a flight lieutenant.

Because of their small size, there are several flying units formed as flights rather than squadrons. For example No. 1435 Flight is based at RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands, maintaining air defense cover with four Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.