10th Anniversary of FRS

On the 9th January this year it was the 10th anniversary of FRS. One on the UK’s most leading Forces Recruitment agency celebrates its tenth year, after it was created in 2002. They have over 10 years’ experience in helping to resettle Forces leavers.

They know when people are leaving, where they want to resettle and where to find them. Trust FRS and they will help you to find the right person for the right job!

The company is run by ex-forces personnel; therefore they understand how the resettlement process works and what trade skills and qualifications forces personnel leave with. This will allow the company to match a detailed brief to the staff you are looking to recruit

Their candidate database covers a large percentage of service leavers ready to leave in the next twelve months and those who have already left, so that they can provide both long term and short term recruitment solutions. Their database also comprises over 500 specialist fields, therefore helping you to recruit people for specialist jobs. Their service has been proven to save organisations wishing to recruit ex-military personnel considerable sums of money through not having to resort to using high street agencies and print advertising.

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