Military Cut Backs

Throughout January to March there is going to be a large amount of cut backs throughout the Armed Forces. Each area of the Military will suffer great losses, as the Government make cuts in each area. The Armed Forces will lose 4,200 personnel in the biggest round of job losses in a decade.

Up to 2,900 members of the Army, 1,000 members of the Royal Air Force and 300 members of the Royal Navy will be sacked as the MOD tries to plug its £38 billion black hole in the defence budget.

One in six Air Commodores will lose their jobs in what some Air Force officers called a “night of the long knives” for commanders. The Forces are losing a large chunk of senior leadership with officers targeted across all three services as politicians expressed “deep concern” at the latest round of mass redundancies.

A third of the RAF redundancies will come from its leadership with 30 group captains, 40 wing commanders and 115 squadron leaders going. It is also understood that up to half-a-dozen of the 26 Air Vice Marshals will be axed. While no pilots will go the RAF losses will come from engineers, logistics, personnel and air traffic controllers.

With the Navy losing more than 50 per cent of its fleet in the last decade and going down to 30,000 personnel officers who commanded its warship are being dumped with five commodores and 15 captains sacked.

In addition to losing 400 Gurkha soldiers the Army has chosen to axe 500 infantry privates who have served for more than six years, the equivalent to an entire battalion. It will also lose 8 brigadiers and 60 lieutenant colonels, the rank at which officers command battalions.

While Royal Marines, who supply a third of special forces, are protected from cuts the commandos will lose 19 senior officers from the ranks of lieutenant colonel to brigadier.

One in eight Gurkhas will lose their jobs after the brigade expanded following a terms of service change that saw their contracts extend from 15 to 22 years.

The Unite union also warned that a further 2,500 MoD support staff such as vehicle fitters, electricians and plumbers could be axed as the Forces reduce.

What do you think of these Military Cut Backs?

Soldiers speak out about the war

“With unprecedented access to Britain’s armed forces, this series “Fighting on the Frontline” allows troops to reveal the inside story of what it’s really like fighting on a tour of duty in Afghanistan today”.

For over a decade the soldiers in Afghanistan have kept their views about the war to themselves, but now they speak out about their experiences on the front line. Three, one hour long episodes of a documentary called “Fighting on the Frontline”, shows in graphic detail some of the UN’s missions in Afghanistan, and follows the troops on these missions. It’s based on the experiences of a few of Britain’s fighting men, often nicknamed bullet-catchers and their feelings on why and what they are fighting for. It also focuses on the fears of each soldier, which is not just dying, but the fears of the IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). This is not the first documentary on the war, (Ross Kemp: In Afghanistan) but it is the first based on the feeling’s of the soldiers on the front line.

What are your views about what these brave men and women are going through!!

Institute of Recruitment Professional Awards 2011

Congratulation to Forces Recruitment Services for being shortlisted for Best Small Company and Best Newcomer of the Year award (Maggie Pugh, Regional Director, Berkshire office) at the Institute of Recruitment Professional Awards 2011. These awards are part of the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) – the recruitment industry’s governing body and represent excellence and high standards in recruitment practice and are the most prestigious awards in the industry. Forces Recruitment Services was set up in 2001 and franchised 3 years ago and has grown to 17 offices in that time. FRS was also the first recruitment consultancy set up to place ex-military candidates of all ranks into work and it’s nice to see the leading Forces recruiter being rewarded for helping our servicemen and women.

More information can be found about FRS at