25 Ways To Ruin Your Chances During A Job Interview

I’ve been Business Insider’s Managing Editor for almost two years now. Since we’re a fast-growing company, we’re constantly looking for new talent, from interns to site leads.

Between career fairs and in-office interviews, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people.

Most come prepared, but many don’t.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ways-to-ruin-your-chances-during-a-job-interview-2012-4##ixzz1ttfBCtel

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Interview with Ex-army man

I sat down with an ex-army Colour Sergeant, who is now a manager of one of the world’s largest haulage contractors. He talks about how different and not so different his experiences were in the army, to the job he does now.

To listen to the experiences first hand please click on the podcast below.

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Interview with Ex-army man