Interview Tips

Interview TipsWe understand that interviews can be stressful for some people. It is a big deal and your future career depends on creating a good first impression.

Some interviews will be more lengthy and ask more of applicants than other but preparation is the key to every style of interview. We have listed some tips below for you to follow and help to prepare.

Think about the kind of questions you will be asked such as:

  • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  • What could you bring to the role?
  • Where would you like to be in five years’ time?
  • Why have you applied for the position?

Think of some questions you would like to ask the interviewer:

  • What are the drawbacks/challenges of the job?
  • What training opportunities will be available?
  • What sort of career progression is possible?
  • Who would you be working with and reporting to?
  • What kind of person would fit in well with the company?

Try and prepare some examples that illustrate your skills, competencies and qualifications and along some samples of your work with you if appropriate. This will show willing and preparation to your interviewer.

Take your references with you from previous employers, colleagues with authority and character references.

Make sure you are well groomed and plan your outfit well; it does not have to be new, but it should be clean, well pressed and comfortable.

What to do in an interview

  • Look at the interviewer, make eye contact
  • Relax, smile and be enthusiastic, allow your personality to show
  • Concentrate on what the interviewer is saying and make mental notes
  • Answer questions honestly
  • Avoid “yes” and “no” answers
  • Ask the interviewer to repeat questions you do not understand
  • Ask questions when appropriate to show you are interested
  • Show you have researched the company
  • Ask how long it will be before you know their decision
  • Illustrate how the company would benefit from employing you
  • Find out how many people have been interviewed and how long the selection process is likely to be
  • Show your interest in the company and the position
  • Thank your interviewer for their time and the opportunity

What NOT to do in an interview

  • Try to dominate the interview or interrupt the interviewer
  • Be self-opinionated
  • Be nervous or fidget, just relax
  • Accept a coffee or tea – you could spill it!
  • Smoke in the interview
  • Criticise any of your previous employers

Hopefully these tips will have given you a few pointers and ideas to think about – best of luck!

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