The Covering Letter

When applying for a new job you will generally be asked to submit your CV or fill in an application form. Companies do not always ask but it is vital you include a professionally written, typed if possible, covering letter.

Here are a few tips to help you craft a suitable lettercovering letter tips from Forces Recruitment North

  • If you begin “Dear Sir/Madam” close with “Yours faithfully”
  • If you open with a name e.g. “Dear Mr Smith” close with “Yours sincerely”
  • Make sure you date your letter and use black or blue ink
  • Say which post you are applying for and where it was advertised
  • Make sure all names are spelt correctly
  • Check spelling, grammar and overall presentation
  • Keep your letter positive, polite and enthusiastic
  • Ask someone to read the letter to ensure you have put your point across
  • Try to match your experience/skills/qualifications to the advertised requirements
  • Explain why you think you are right for the job
  • Illustrate your transferable skills/experience
  • Check your letter and CV twice at least before posting
  • Let them know when you are available for interview

Good luck

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