NB3009: Engineering Manager

Salary:     £38K – £45K

Location: Wolverhampton

Position:  Permanent

The Engineering Manager is responsible for the Management Function.The Engineering Manager must proactively lead the business’ engineering function and capability, in order to maximise process uptime and create a culture of proactive and preventative maintenance across a 24 hour production shift pattern. The Engineering Manager mustachieve best available industry techniques and solutions, offer advice and support in order to develop the Company’s production facilities, and processing capabilities.  The Engineering Manager is responsible for ensuring the area they and their team work in, are tidy and meet Health & Safety requirements.

Applications from suitably experienced ex-military personnel are strongly encouraged

MainDuties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify best available techniques and methods of operation to ensure process availability is at the highest level possible for all equipment and processes.
  • Devise and implement a planned/preventative maintenance programme and utilising continuous improvement techniques, create a plan to reduce downtime on all process equipment.
  • Identify resource requirements needed within the engineering team to be capable of delivering maximum plant & process up time
  • Produce a skills gap and capacity gap analysis and identify any additional training needs.
  • Liaise with HR department to ensure an effective programme of employee training & personal development is agreed with all members of the engineering team.
  • Liaise with HR to ensure effective recruitment of key skills, capability and resource to meet the business needs of continuous production.
  • Ensure the engineering department attend to plant breakdowns and general maintenance of the Company’s infrastructure in a timely and safe manner.  Also ensure that the maintenance engineers adequately immobilise equipment in line with company guidelines.
  • Where deemed the best method of approach manages a “Call out” system that will provide the production facilities with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week breakdown covers.
  • Participate in Company initiatives to reduce/eliminate reject and waste materials and product caused by electrical/mechanical failure.
  • Ensure that all work necessary to maintain safety is carried out promptly.  Ensure the engineering department keep all machine guarding/work, tools or equipment operating in the appropriate manner and meets relevant legal, and company requirements.
  • Supervise, review and assess engineering personnel, ensuring that employees and or contractors working in or for the Company are “competent” to carry out allotted tasks. 
  • Develop the company’s list of approved contractors for work that cannot be undertaken in house, ensuring that all work is carried out under the permit to work system.
  • Work with CI teams to deliver process improvements.
  • Develop a key spares plan for all equipment to ensure that the company has a defined policy and pre planned reaction to equipment failure in normal production. Identify the risks in terms of downtime and cost to the business.
  • Maintaining and requisitioning stocks of consumables relevant to the engineering department ensuring that essential spares are kept in stock.
  • Ensure the engineering team or relevant contractors check the extraction equipment, and maintain it to a standard that will enable the Company to meet the requirements imposed by COSHH regulations.
  • Ensure on a monthly basis that inspections are conducted on fixed and portable access equipment for wear, damage or other deficiencies and ensure appropriate records are maintained.
  • Ensure that all examinations/checks required for company and or legislative requirements e.g., cranes, slings, portable hand tools, fire fighting equipment etc. are completed, recorded accurately and stored appropriately.
  • Ensure that the company are compliant with pressure system regulations, including compressed air with the support of any external organisations to achieve this.
  • Maintaining and requisitioning stocks of consumables relevant to the engineering department ensuring that essential spares are kept in stock.
  • Prepare with others Engineering budget and then actively manage costs within the department in order to comply with budgetary constraints.
  • Preparing and delivering reports on relevant matters.
  • Preparing and monitoring performance data. 
  • Any other duties that may be required to support the business needs. 


  • At least 5 years experience of working in a similar role.
  • Experience of using Siemens PLC’s and control systems.
  • Also knowledge of safety systems and procedures.
  • Has supervised/managed a team
  • Machine uptime through TPM / corrective actions.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Service and schedules.
  • Monitor key breakdowns.
  • Manage site services and buildings.
  • Budget adherence.
  • Adhere to H & S procedures.
  • Interpersonal skills with Managers and other personnel.
  • Good IT skills
  • Leadership Management skills
  • Needs to be self motivated. 
  • Needs to be an experienced manager and motivate a team to achieve organisational objectives, and reduce breakdowns.
  • Accountable for the Maintenance team members and their work schedules.
  • Must be dedicated to Health & Safety and ensure they consistently follow safe working practices.
  • Must complete records accurately in line with organisational and legislative requirements.



  • Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.
  • Computer literate.
  • Proven/demonstrable leadership skills

Salary:     £38K -£45K

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