Ref No NB4243: Production Engineer

Salary:     £35,000

Location: West Midlands

Position:  Permanent

The production engineering team is responsible for developing and improving the production processes. The Production Engineer will assist with the processes themselves, which are used for low volume, batch production and involve a wide range of techniques for assembling metallic, plastic and polymeric components using adhesively bonded or mechanical joints. Many of the components are formed on site especially those involving energetic materials, with others formed off site by external suppliers.

The Production Engineer will work very closely with the design team and the operations department to ensure that the production processes are fit for purpose. The team is also supported by the materials team, which has specialists in all the materials concerned.

Applications from suitably experienced ex-military personnel are strongly encouraged.

Candidate Requirements:

Candidates should have a formal qualification (HNC, HND or degree) in an engineering discipline and should also have at least five years industrial experience.

Main duties would include:

  • Adapting existing production processes to new rocket motors.
  • Developing and commissioning new production processes.
  • Pilot manufacture of prototypes and initial production batches.
  • Creating and maintaining process documentation, e.g. manufacturing methods.
  • Monitoring process cost, wastage and capability.
  • Identifying and implementing process improvements, e.g. cost savings.
  • Investigating and resolving production problems.
  • Generating capital expenditure cases for new equipment.
  • Production process control and improvement techniques, e.g. SPC.
  • Production planning techniques, e.g. MRP II.
  • Engineering drawings, e.g. tolerances.
  • Safe working practices, e.g. Risk Assessment.

Production processes for:

  • Forming, machining and treatment of metallic components
  • Moulding, extrusion and spraying of polymeric components
  • Joining and especially adhesive bonding
  • Assembly and inspection

In addition, the following general attributes are required:

  • Interest and aptitude in all aspects of engineering.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with technical specialists.
  • Good interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Working to customer requirements and timescales.
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Salary: £35,000 

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