Welcome to Forces Recruitment Services

Forces Recruitment Services, (North Birmingham) is run by Stewart Stirling. A highly motivated, experienced, innovative and articulate managerial professional with over 25 years proven expertise in many fields of the Armed Forces.

Forces Recruitment Services (North Birmingham) specialise in placing ex-military candidates into civilian employment, this includes members of the armed forces that are currently leaving and looking for their first post as well as those who have already left and have gained significant commercial experience in the interim.

We know when people are leaving, where they want to resettle and where to find them. Trust FRS and we will help you to find the right person for the right job!

We understand how the resettlement process works and what trade skills and qualifications forces personnel leave with. This will allow us to match a detailed brief to the staff you are looking to recruit

Our candidate database covers a large percentage of service leavers ready to leave in the next twelve months and those who have already left, so we can provide both long term and short term recruitment solutions. Our database also comprises over 500 specialist fields, therefore helping you to recruit people for specialist jobs. Our service has been proven to save organisations wishing to recruit ex-military personnel to save considerable sums of money through not having to resort to using high street agencies and print advertising.

FRS Mission Statement

As a specialist Recruitment Consultancy, Forces Recruitment Services (FRS) aims to be the premier conduit between highly skilled, ex-Armed Forces candidates and client organisations seeking to appoint the very best individuals possible. A dedicated and customer-focused organisation with immense pride in our work, we are totally committed to providing the right recruitment solution, making FRS one of the most diligent Consultancies in the industry.

Forces Recruitment Services Ltd exists to match highly trained individuals from one of the highest skilled workforces in the world to companies with quality jobs, across a wide range of market sectors.

FRS focuses on satisfying both employer and candidate with a high quality, proactive one stop recruitment solution specifically focused on ex military candidates and aims to be the first port of call for employers seeking ex military employees.

Based in Cambridgeshire and with 22 offices UK-wide, the company is managed by people with military backgrounds who have experienced and understand the resettlement process

In addition to our professional consultative service, FRS assists many organisations to reach Services leavers through proactive advertising.

We offer direct promotion via registered candidates, visitors to this web site plus significant cost reductions on many recognised civilian and Armed Forces-related job boards.

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